Transponder Car Keys and VATS Keys

Transponder Car Keys and VATS Keys

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Transponder Car Keys and VATS Keys

Technological innovations have changed a lot in modern life, and nowhere is that truer than with car designs. Today’s automobiles have features that our parents and grandparents never dreamed of, such as sunroofs, GPS systems, and anti-lock brakes. But one of the most ubiquitous features that virtually every modern car has is the transponder key. When you need help with a transponder key, call Lock Popper locksmiths!

We know, we can hear you saying, “The transponder? What’s that?!” Simply put, you know the electronic plastic thingamabob on the head of your car key? That’s a transponder, and inside the plastic casing is an embedded radio transmitter. When you insert the key into the ignition of your car, the onboard computer within the car sends a signal to the key through an antenna located close to the lock cylinder. The key responds by sending a code back, and if the onboard computer recognizes the code, your car starts up. If the response code is incorrect, or if there’s a glitch, your car isn’t going anywhere.

Along similar lines, General Motors created the VATS system for their vehicles. This stands for Vehicle Anti Theft System, and you’ll always recognize a VATS key by looking for a tiny plastic pellet embedded in the blade of the key. Instead of a computer chip, inside the pellet is a resistor, and there are 1 of 15 possible values assigned to each resistor. It’s basically an old-school version of the modern transponders used.

So if your transponder or VATS goes missing, malfunction, or stops working entirely, who you gonna call? Easy, you call Lock Poppers! With years of experience and a wide range of components for virtually every auto on the road, our mobile locksmithing shop is ready to assist clients in and around Jackson, Mississippi and Fayetteville, Arkansas. If you have questions or you’re ready to book service, contact us today!

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